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DEREN Electronics Ranked 21st in China's Top 100 Electronic Components List in 2019

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Recently, China Electronic Components Industry Association Information Center has successfully completed the ranking of top 100 Chinese electronic components enterprises in 2019 (32nd session). One hundred key Chinese electronic component backbone companies with outstanding performance in scale strength, financial situation and R&D capability were selected into the new Top 100 of China's electronic components industry. Among them, Shenzhen Deren Electronics Co., Ltd. ranked 21st with sustained growth in the total revenue of electronic components business, two places ahead of last year with steady progress.

China's top 100 electronic components in 2019 (32nd session) completed a total of 519.1 billion yuan in main business income, boosting employment of nearly 490,000 people. At present, the Chinese electronic components industry, led by China's top 100 electronic components enterprises, has become an indispensable part of the global electronic components supply system.

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