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DEREN Electronics introduced strategic investors and Shenzhen Investment Holding Management Fund intends to transfer 5% of its major shareholders

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DEREN Electronics recently introduced strategic investors, and the controlling shareholder, Shenzhen Desheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Desheng Company"), intends to transfer 5% of the shares to Shenzhen Investment Holding Zhongzheng Xinying Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Xinying Fund"),with a total transaction price of 231 million yuan in cash.


Introduction of strategic investors

On September 27, Desheng Company signed Shares Transfer Agreement with Xinying Fund, and Desheng Company intends to transfer 2398,470,000 circulating shares without restrictive selling conditions of its holding company to Xinying Fund at a price of 9.63 yuan/share. After this equity change, the proportion of shares held by Desheng Company and its persons acting in concert decreased to 32.1523%, and the controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the Company remain unchanged; Xinying Fund will hold 5% of the total share capital of the Company.

Shenzhen Investment Holding Capital Co., Ltd. is the general partnership of Xinying Fund, Besides, Shenzhen Investment Holding Bay Area Equity Investment Fund Partnership and CITIC Securities are the limited partners, holding 49.50% and 50% of the shares respectively.

Whereas Shenzhen Investment Holding Capital Co., Ltd. is a state-owned capital investment company and a comprehensive financial holding group under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen Municipality, and its business covers three major sectors: Science and technology finance, Science and technology industry and Science and technology park; DEREN Electronics' industry is a key industry supported by Shenzhen's industrial policy, and the two parties agreed to actively reach strategic cooperation intentions and cooperate through joint establishment of industrial investment funds, joint direct investment of advantage projects and supporting facilities for industrial park settlement, so as to promote the layout and extension of DEREN Electronics in the industrial chain, enhance the competitive position of DEREN Electronics in the industry, and jointly promote the value growth of the enterprise.

At the same time, this share transfer will introduce important strategic investors for DEREN, optimize the company's shareholder structure, enhance the corporate governance capacity, leverage the advantages of strategic shareholders, effectively integrate external resources, and promote the healthy and steady development of the company's main business; on the other hand, the funds obtained from the transfer will be used to repay the loans pledged by the major shareholders, reduce the pledge rate of the major shareholders, and promote the healthy and sound development of the company.


Increasing new energy vehicle business

Shenzhen Investment Holding Capital Co., Ltd. is the main investment platform of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, which helped bail out the shares of several listed companies last year; However, unlike the nature of the previous bail-out fund, Xinying fund jointly established by CITIC Securities and Shenzhen Investment Holding Capital Co., Ltd. is mainly located in industrial investment, and DEREN Electronics will become its first  project; An important consideration for investment in DEREN is the layout of the new energy vehicle business, where the company has made rapid progress recently.

On September 4, Taycan, Porsche's first all-electric vehicle, was officially released, becoming the first mass-produced vehicle to be developed using Porsche's unique 800V electrification platform, which is capable of continuous high-power discharge when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, and capable of completing 0-80% of the power supply in 15 minutes when it is charged. At that time, it was announced that this vehicle had obtained 30,000 orders.

Among them, Meta, a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics, provides the exclusive on-board charger for the model and has adopted the world's most advanced high-power DC fast charging technology, with a product power of 22KW, which is three times of the current mainstream products in the industry. In addition to the Porsche project, DEREN Electronics also supplies on-board chargers for BMW, PSA, Volkswagen and other internationally known brands.

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