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DEREN won the most valuable investment and progress award of Automotive "Black Technology" at the 2019.5 G Technology Summit

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In order to deeply discuss the development and application prospect of 5G technology in the industry chain, on November 20, 2019, Securities Times, the national benchmark media of financial and securities, jointly launched a 2019.5 G Technology Summit with China Automobile News, a subsidiary of People's Daily, under the theme of "Empowerment, Intelligent interconnection and Sudden change". Meta System, a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics Holdings, stood out from the crowd at the Automotive "Black Technology" Award Ceremony and "Auto Capital" Summit Forum held at the current summit, won the most valuable investment and progress award of  Automotive "Black Technology", and the recognition of the industry and experts.



At the Summit Forum, leaders from ministries and commissions, industries and enterprises interpreted and analyzed 5G from the perspectives of policies, technologies, platforms, applications and capital gains, respectively, and discussed the future development direction of 5G industry and the key points to be tackled and broken through, so as to jointly discuss the way of economic development and strengthening the country.

The automobile industry is in a period of drastic change, new technology and new capital are driving the rapid transformation of the industry. At the same time, with the research and application of 5G technology, new breakthroughs have been made in the development of science and technology, industrial manufacturing, urban life, transportation and other aspects, so that its upstream and downstream industries develop rapidly.

Meta System S.p.A, a subsidiary of DEREN Electronics Holdings, is mainly engaged in automotive electronic products such as automotive power electronics and on-board communication systems. Its main customers are BMW, Porsche, PSA, Dongfeng, etc. The new energy on-board charger developed by Meta System adopts the world's leading high-power DC fast charging technology, with the product power of 22KW, three times of the current mainstream products in the industry. The product is compact in design, small in space and light in weight, which fully meets the market expectation for such products.

5G technology, empowering all walks of life and making everything intelligently interconnected, has led to a new round of global technological change in the world. Based on the present, we strive to move forward and look forward to the future. Let's work together and look forward to a better new life brought by 5G technology.

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