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DEREN Employment Norms:    

      We comply with the law and policy wherever the division located, we are committed to be a responsible and proactive enterprise of setting up a brand credit in market competition, being oriented by continuously self-innovation, business excellence and social contribution.  As well as to bring better working and living environment to all employees.

       We committed:

       1. We employ candidate with talent and morality.

       2. We recruit, select, train and promote the real talent, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, marital status or physical defect.

       3. We highly recommend the internal talent referal, especially treat engineering posting as the first priority.

       4. We regard and respect every employee's collective and individual interests and rights in a justice and open way.
5. We provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

 Value your capability and knowledge, it's DEREN responsibility; Initiate your idea to reality, it's DEREN honour.


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